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Give me your hand and I'll tell you who you are

Hand analysis

Nobody has to be left with their problems! We don't have to solve everything alone.


A consultation hand analysis can shed a clear light on our own position in relation to the problem we are facing. It can give you insight into the real causes. And so it also provides insight into the way out. When one understands one's own role, one no longer has to fall into certain thoughts and behaviors. Other thoughts and other behavior will naturally create other conditions as well.


Your life in your own hands through a consultation with Nephthys! In two sessions you will get clarity about who you are and what your motives are. Why you do things the way you do and what keeps you from living your life.


You gain insight and discover what your talents are, where your direction lies and what your pitfalls are. You will be given coat racks to avoid or close those pitfalls and to live your potential.


We all have our personal talents. How about you? Do you know your talents? Is there still a brake on that? Or a blind spot?


Are you looking for clarity and concrete insights for the following points:


  • Do you feel that there is much more inside you than is coming out now?

  • Are you looking for more direction in life and work?

  • Do you want to experience more fun and joy in your life?

  • Are you more in your head than your heart?

  • Does your personal development seem to be stagnating?

  • Do you plan on everything, but the action is lacking?

  • Do you have difficulty making choices and do you have doubts?


The hands are sometimes called “the mirrors of the soul”. Indeed, many traits can be defined through the study of the hands. Often palmistry is seen only as a way of predicting the future; yet the study involves more than that.


Palmistry is a kind of road map that indicates which road is safe.



The problem of the invisible world is,
that we don't see what we radiate
and therefore do not see what we wear











Hand analysis makes this invisible world visible

We can know what is really going on through hand analysis. It can show us how we play our own role in our lives and what we can change.

Practically it goes as follows:

First session: taking a print of your hand. Below you can see such a print. Now we also agree on a date for the second session

Second session: The whole hand analysis is explained on the agreed date. You will receive the entire explanation written out.



Session 1 ± 30 minutes € 30

Session 2 ± 60 minutes € 30

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