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My background

In 1980 I graduated as a kindergarten teacher. Well-being of the toddlers was in my top 10 and due to circumstances that arose at the time, I also spread this well-being to my colleagues. They stimulated me to further develop the art of massage.

By winning a course in foot reflexology (1998) my interest in aromatherapy arose from this. I was bitten by the scents of the essential oils and took several aromatherapy courses in three countries: Belgium (oil from Chi), the Netherlands and France (oil from Sjankara). In France, Michel Vanhove taught me how to work with the oils in a pharmacist's way and to master the distillation of oil.

From then on I started following training and courses until I dared to take the step to a massage practice in 2006. I use my knowledge of Aromatherapy that I have gained at Chi in combination with all massage techniques to promote your health. In 2011 I became a freelance teacher in the Beauty School and in Syntra.

In 2014 I was the massage therapist in 'Tested on people too'. See the photo on the right: from left to right Marcel Vanthilt, Linda Foubert and general practitioner Tom Jacobs.

Long-term training:

  • Aromatherapy - 3 years

  • Pathology and Anatomy - 2 years

  • Ayurvedic massage - 1 year

  • Hand analysis - 5 years

  • Aurahealing - 1 year

  • Tui Na - 2 years

  • Lomi Lomi - 2 years

Certificates for:

  • Ear candle therapy

  • Samudra massage

  • Hot chocolate massage

  • Hot stone massage

  • Herbal stamp massage

  • Balinese massage

  • Chakratherapy

  • Singing bowl massage

  • Foot reflexology

  • Salon Hammam

  • Japanese facial massage

  • Energetic massage

  • Slimming massage

  • Bamboo massage

I am a member of the Belgian Massage Federation

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My approach

I have been a skilled Massage Therapist since 2006. My approach consists of a combination of both Eastern and Western methods. If you are in need of a positive, energetic and caring Massage Therapist, don't hesitate to get in touch to find out how I can help you recover and revitalize.

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